About Us

IA Ecosystem

Our belief of single stand performing numerous distinct activities helped us to innovate an unconventional and futuristic concept of Stand + Mount, while traditional stands are restricted to perform a singular monotonous activity, that is just like having an instrument that only plays one song forever. Our revolutionary concept of Stand + Mount breaks the conventional monotone to use stands for a very specific purpose, giving you the complete freedom to use our any Mount on any Stand; entirely transforming the utility of your single stand into a multi-functional Tripod just by a simple switch of a mount, that is just like having the freedom to play any song at your will on your instrument.

Triancle Design Ethos

Like an album of music resonates similar themes and tunes in all its songs, we have taken great care to design all our products in Triancle Series with a similar harmony in the design. Our resolute determination to create great products for our users has helped us to create openness in our products by involving modularity helping you to transform the stand as per the need of the hour. We believe to use as less materials as possible while designing the product, creating products which are compact and minimalistic. We have curbed all exorbitant use of elements derived from nature and only used essentials. Even in our concept of modularity in IA Eco-system, we have tried to increase the utility of every single IA Stand by getting the best out of the stand by giving its utility when used in varied combinations which are long lasting with high durability. We are inspired by nature and the bio-mechanism which exists all around us through which we seek ideas to create good design.