Wall Mount

(Patent pending)

  • Dimension: 5 X 6 x 4 (in cm)(Folded Size)
  • Weight: 40.01 grams
  • Material: Plastic, Steel, Aluminium
  • Colour: Matte Black
  • Series:

Our idea of Stands is not just confined to different types of metal structures. Wall Mount is a product which breaks down the preconceived notion of how stands look and transforms any wall into a Stand. This Triancle shaped product comes equipped with our Triancle stud which opens the gateway to use all our mounts on the wall. Our Plug-in feature enables you to use Wall Mount with a Guitar Mount to hang guitars on the wall and at the right next moment switch it with Laptop/Tablet Mount and use a Tablet on your wall. Using the Arm on a Wall Mount extends the utility and gives directional advantages. All in all, it opens new prospects for your Wall.

Compatible Mounts & Extensions

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